Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh, No!! Our Little Friends Are Gone

From mid-spring until early fall, Papi and I enjoy our little flying friends. The busy humming birds keep us entertained while we're in the kitchen and our family room. There are feeders close to the windows in both rooms. Usually, during the summer when we come into the kitchen, early morning for coffee, there our little friends are already feeding and flitting about the deck. They always bring a smile to our faces as we watch their antics.

Last week it was time for the "hummers" to make their long journey south for the winter. Bye, little friends, we hope to see you again next spring when the weather is warm enough for you. Sure wish we could have traveled along...a warm winter really sounds good rather than the cold we usually have in Indiana. We will have the feeders out and hope to see you again next spring.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

As The Deer PSALM 42:1 MV

For many reasons and non-reasons I've not blogged for a month. My "favorite, youngest daughter-in-law" reminded me of this omission during the past week. It's time to get started again and I thought what better time than on Sunday morning.

Music has always been VERY important in my life and I have not paid enough attention to this joy recently. It's easy to get sidetracked and not do those favorite things. This morning I want to share a special contempory piece with you. I love the old hymns but I also love many newer pieces. Please go to this YouTube version of As the Deer and enjoy the visual as well as the music.