Friday, August 20, 2010

Resurrection Mural by Ron DiCianni

This is a breathtaking mural of Jesus' Resurrection. The following website explains the significance of each piece of the mural.

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Artist note:
It seems that over the centuries every artist longed to paint a definitive scene that would stand the test of time. For Michelangelo, it was the “Creation of Adam” which he did for the Sistine Chapel. For Rembrandt, it was the scene of “The Prodigal Son.”
For me, it is “The Resurrection”, as this one act of history separates Christianity from every other religion, philosophy and dogma. It authenticates The Nativity, The Crucifixion of Christ, and legitimizes every word Jesus said concerning Himself and His relationship to God. Many may ignore the Resurrection at their peril, but none can deny it as it is historically proven beyond doubt. My hope is that as this mural is installed, many will be confronted with the scene of “The Resurrection” and make the decision that He is worthy of being called their Lord and Savior.

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