Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Very BERRY Delicious Day

On Sunday, Papi picked some raspberries from our yard and since Grammy didn't have any bananas for her cereal Monday morning, she had FRESH raspberries on her cereal. Oh, they were soooo good and really sweet.

Well, those two retirees decided they needed a mid-morning snack. So freshly made by neighbor Carol strawberry preserves were in order. Soooooo good.

Late Sunday evening, like shortly before 10:00pm, favorite youngest daughter-in-law and favorite #2 son brought us this wonderful, FRESH from their tree, hot from the oven mulberry pie. Now isn't it just beautiful!! Well, we want to tell you, it was even better tasting, if that's possible. We didn't have pie Sunday, it was too late for us old folks and we had already eaten brownies, icecream, walnuts and chocolate syrup, but believe me, we had warm mulberry pie with whipped cream Monday evening to round out our Very Berry Delicious day. YUM, YUM, YUM
Thank you everyone who contributed (Papi, Carol, Amy and Kevin).
Have a God Filled Day

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Micki said...

This looks yummy...I wish that I could have had breakfast with you!
Thanks for staopping by!