Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wind Turbines in NW Indiana

Recently, on a search for the grave of Papi's great-great-great grandfather, we saw these giants stretching into the sky. This first image is of the beginning process of installation. These truly are Wind Farms as the turbines are in the middle of fields planted in the farmer's crops of corn, beans, or whatever else they might be growing.
There were hundreds of these creatures as far as the eye could see and for many miles along I-65. I first thought they were beautiful, but after seeing so many I began to not enjoy them so much.

I understand they are producing well, however, on our trip north very few were turning and they weren't going very fast. On the return trip more seemed to be in motion. I guess if they were on your farm you would get use to might be like the hog farmer...that hog smell, smells like money to them.
Our genealogy trip was not successful, at least we didn't find the grave, but we do know he and his third wife were not buried in Jasper County, IN. We believe they are in Logan County, IL according to information we found in the Rensselaer Public Library.
It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the trip with two of Papi's brothers and their wives. We found a nice cafe in Rensselaer for lunch and a great restaurant in Mulberry for dinner. I call that success.

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