Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Favorite Music for Sunday

Yesterday I watched a show featuring "Gaither Homecoming Classics Vol 1-4". Wow, did that ever bring back some OLD memories. As a young teen I often heard the original Gaither Trio consisting of, older brother, Danny Gaither, Bill Gaither, and, younger sister, Mary Ann Gaither. They were just a local trio from Alexandria, IN, and I lived not very far from there in Lebanon. Those were the days of "singings" in high school auditoriums. They were so "cool" to me, not only because of their beautiful music, but because they were two older brothers singing with their younger sister. Three kids in the family just like mine, only we didn't sing professionally.

Back to yesterday, Bill referred to George Beverly Shea and the now famous "How Great Thou Art". If you've never heard Bev Shea sing this great hymn, here is your chance. BEAUTIFUL!!

Another classic was done by Larnelle Harris and Sandi Patty, another Indiana gal. Bill and Gloria finished writing this one especially for Larnelle and Sandi. Enjoy "I've Just Seen Jesus".

This last song is another favorite, "The King Is Coming" by the Gaither Vocal Band. Notice near the end, George Younce joins Bill singing the bass part. I apologize for the poor video quality but the audio is fine. Listen and enjoy.

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