Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lamb Cake Mold

Over thirty years ago Papi's mother gave our family the cast iron Lamb Cake Mold that had belonged to his Grandma Newman. On several occasions Papi's mother made a lamb cake for the family Easter Dinner, and of course, all the grandchildren thought that was wonderful. I'm sorry to say, Grammy has not been as faithful making the lamb cakes for her grandchildren, but you never can tell what other family dinner he might join.

Christmas of 2008, our grandchildren were given a Christmas present that each one chose. They drew #'s and in that order they picked a family heirloom that they would like to own. Now, they have to wait until Papi and Grammy are finished with these items, but they know exactly what belongs to them. Right Grands? Keaton chose the Lamb Cake Mold.

Here you will notice Mr Lamb enjoying himself on the old wicker chair with flowers left over from last summer. Oh, I guess you now know I had silk flowers on that chair. Less watering that way, LOL.

The Lamb Mold is opened and the front of the lamb is laid flat, then the back is put on top like a lid. Of course, you only fill the front to the seam line. The cake (should) raise in the other part as it's baked. There are holes to allow the steam to escape. When you carefully unmold the lamb, you PRAY that the little guy holds together. You'll notice he's really skinny, but have no fear, "Creamy French icing" and a coating of cocoanut, plus jelly bean eyes and he's the cutest little lamb cake you've ever seen.

Along with the Lamb Cake Mold, Papi's mother gave us cake and frosting recipes. Just in case you might be lucky enough to find a mold of your own, here are the recipes she found that worked best.

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