Friday, March 5, 2010

Stuck in the Snow in a Cemetery

Yesterday Papi and I decided to check on my mother’s recent gravesite to see about planting some grass seed there later this month. As we entered Brown’s Wonder Cemetery, we encountered some considerable snow at the bottom of the hill, however, we just “plowed” right on through with our Caddy, snow flying everywhere.

We did our check of mother’s grave and drove around the loop ready to exit and literally got stopped on top of another mushy drift close to the road. The car would not budge, not even an inch. Here we are stuck in a snow drift with not a trace of snow on any road. Hubby got out of the car to access the problem and immediately two young men pulled to the side of the road and jumped out of their vehicle. Mind you, we had not been stuck more than two to three minutes. I climbed under the wheel and even with hubby and those two strong young men pushing, the car still did not budge. Of course, none of us had a shovel or tow rope, after all it’s March and the roads are clear, right? Oh, they also discovered the rear wheels were not turning. Really bad news if your car is rear wheel drive. We were about to call for a tow truck when a lovely lady stopped and handed the guys a shovel and next she came back from her car with a pull strap. That was when it was realized the old Caddy is front wheel drive. “Thank you Heavenly Father, God is so good. With some shoveling and crawling around in the snow, by one of the young men to attach the pull strap, we were soon released from the grip of the snow and all three vehicles on their way. That’s how folks are in Boone County, Indiana.

We didn’t even get their names, but managed to call "thank you" as everyone went on their way as if nothing had happened. We had just received "random acts of kindness".

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meshielc said...

good thing they stoped to help. Your car is not 4wheel drive.

love ya