Saturday, March 13, 2010


We have found a new favorite place to shop (for our business). We've stopped in Goodwill Stores previously, but really never found anything of interest. You see, Grammy is really not a "shopper", she just wants to go find what she needs and buy it. DONE!! To be a "shopper", you need to look, dig, and plan for needs in the future.

Well, because of several blogs we've read recently, we are now professional GW shoppers. Did you know, each week they have a color that will be HALF PRICE for the week? Wednesday is 30% off anything for Seniors. Now, you don't get both discounts at the same time, but what a deal. In our area March 20th with be 50% off everything in the store. Papi has found several pieces of furniture for re-sale and is able to make a decent profit with the discount. Grammy is having fun with the 1/2 price stuff and has a picture of things purchased in the last couple of weeks. The items will be refinished and in some cases repurposed, and offered for sale in "Grammy's Attic" at the Trader Bucks in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Oh, we paid less than $20 for ALL the things in the picture.

This bunny is too cute with the BIG ears. Love him.

We will leave the Amish painting on the bottom of the bread basket and repaint the rest of the item. The painting is too cute to destroy.
It's difficult to see in the picture, but there is a 36 "white shelf that looks like it's never been used, we paid $3 for it. Now we just need to get the items ready for resale. Work, work!


meshielc said...

sounds like you are having fun working

Cora said...

I love shopping at GW and thrift stores etc. You can really find some great things...although they seem to be becoming all the rage lately and prices are getting higher and higher in them. You found some great things.
Thanks for your visit to my blog...I enjoy each and every one. Please stop by again :)
Blessings to you.

Blondie said...

Sounds like I need to take you shopping with me! I hope you continue to enjoy your "treasure hunting"!