Friday, March 18, 2011

Check out this Civil War Reproduction Fabrics & Book Giveaway


Elizabeth, at Such A Sew and Sew has a friend, Wanda, who has been organizing her quilting things and giving away things that she knows she's not going to use. She's put together this lovely pack of Civil War Reproduction Fabrics. Most of these are ¼-yard cuts, but there are a few fat quarters and a couple of bigger pieces. In all, there are over 10½ yards of fabric here! To tie it all together, Wanda has included this really amazing book, The Civil War Diary Quilt, with blocks and stories from the Civil War. The book gives several different layouts using just a handful of blocks in the book for smaller projects, or all 121 blocks for a large quilt. Wanda wants this fun little collection to go to someone who will use it, so they giving it away at Such A Sew and Sew in honor of National Quilting Day, which is this coming Saturday, March 19th.

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