Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goodwill Outlet Find of the YEAR


I know it’s not Christmas, but it sure felt like it yesterday when Papi came home from a Goodwill Outlet trip in Indianapolis (our favorite picking place). He stayed for one more round of tables and this beautiful Kirkland Nativity was brought out on the table RIGHT in front of him.

If you have not been to a Goodwill Outlet, let me explain. It least this is the way it’s done in the 3 in Indy. On the odd hours all tables are removed and new ones brought in for your picking pleasure. This is done in groups of 6-8 tables and no one is allowed to touch anything until all of that group of tables is in place. People line-up around the table and “go for it” when the word is given. Sometimes it’s a mad scramble!! I always hang back and let the wild ones get their pick then I like to calmly go through and look at what they left behind. Of course, I miss some goodies, but at least I’m still standing on my own two feet, most of the time.

DSCF1005Back to the Nativity, It had NEVER been opened!! It’s hand-painted, has fabric clothing, in an antiqued style. The set includes a two-part scene: creche and an additional shelter piece.

DSCF1003 (2)-1DSCF1007

There are eleven figures and animals: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, three kings, an angel, a shepherd, a sheep, a camel and an ox.DSCF1010DSCF1008DSCF1015DSCF1012

I’m sorry some of the pictures are not very clear, but I was having problems with the camera for some reason. To give a perspective of size, the creche is 18” tall and Joseph is 13 1/4”. This is a VERY detailed set. Now the good part…the charge $4.99. We have no real idea what the original cost might have been, it was from Costco, do yoe have any guesses? Now you know why it is the GW find of the year.

Have a God Filled Day




rachel said...

Wow! What a beautiful nativity set you found! GW outlet store sounds awesome!

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Wonderful find. Wish we had goodwill outlets in our area. ~~Sherry~~

Granny said...

I just found your blog through D and G Gardens and Crafts. I had to laugh at your comment about still standing on your own two feet. I've only been to the GW outlet store on Shadeland one time and almost got run over. I did end up finding some nice things but after the crowd cleared away from the bins I went through at my liesure. I'll have to look up the other two outlets here in Indy.