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Part IV - 1821 SESQUI - SAMPLINGS 1971


Early Winter days were used for hunting and butchering. Few minded the long winter evenings. Although young and old were kept busy at some task in front of the fire, children told riddles, tongue twisters and sang hymns and ballads, while corn was popped and apples roasted in the hot ashes.


Sorghum Popcorn Balls

Bring sorghum to a boil. Continue cooking and stirring until it will spin a thread. Pour popcorn into a bowl and add sorghum. Stir well to coat an form into balls.

In The Late winter, fires burned under big kettles in the sugar camp night and day, while the sap from maple trees boiled down into maple syrup. A special treat for the children who helped was the delicious candy made by pouring syrup on the snow to harden or into pans to be stirred into creamy sugar.

Cold Stone Maple Candy

Boil maple syrup (commercially canned or bottled pure maple syrup may be substituted) until it makes a hair or runs a thread. Pour into bowls and place on a cold surface such as a flat stone or rock. Once syrup has cooled but is still barely warm, beat it until it changes from a honey brown to a creamy tan. Pour into greased, small molds or onto a buttered plate and let set before cutting.


Take raw syrup from a maple tree, boil until it spins a thread. Take outside and pour over clean snow.


Check out this tutorial by Girls Guide to Guns and Butter on making maple-taffy-the pioneer-treat. Looks like delicious fun!!

Parched Corn

Melt bacon grease in a iron skillet. Add enough shelled, dried sweet corn to cover bottom of skillet. Place over hot fire, cover and after it first starts to parch, shake skillet so it won’t burn. After popping sound stops, it is ready. Salt to taste. The secret of good parched corn is to use corn picked after field corn has been harvested.

Fredrick G. Lorenz

Life was difficult as a pioneer in Indiana, however, fun times were enjoyed along with the hard labor.

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