Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Starting Seeds Indoors


A couple of weeks ago, while in the Dollar Store, I spotted herb starting kits for, guess what, $1. Well, I grabbed the chives, parsley, and sweet basil to start an indoor herb basket and here they are. Cute little beginning plants. I love to check them and see how they are progressing.


Sunday, I found a tutorial from Lindy, at Cottage Hill for Recycled Newspaper Pots that you might like to use. I was making another one that was a folded pot, very complicated, and have now switched to the Cottage Hill one. EASY!! I used a mushroom can and it’s perfect. She also shows her beautiful Peppermint Zinnias. I emailed her to find out where she bought the seeds and she actually has been saving them each year for some time. I Googled and found them on Amazon for a pretty good price. Need some!!


Here are some of my newspaper pots with Moon Flowers, Lavender, African Daisy’s, and Hollyhocks. Just started all these this week so nothing has sprouted yet, but I’m “expecting”.


Have a God Filled Day



From The Heart said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog..From The Heart. It is starting an early spring here..if nothing happens the dogwoods will be spectacular!I enjpyed reading your post..I am a new follower.

Greenearth said...

Thanks for your great post. Has given me ideas for my new seedlings.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

we tried the newspaper pots but they were a FAIL. I may give it whirl one more time. With some new seeds I purchased yesterday.

Hope your garden grows and grows!

Pam @ Imagine-Laugh-Smile said...

I should try starting seeds indoors. I usually just buy the plant when it warms up and is time to plant outside.

MessyMissy said...

Oh, it is definitely THAT time of year!! Seed starting is so fun. :-) Enjoy!!